African Beauty & African Art: Our Presentation at the Edmonton Public Library


A few weeks ago, we were invited by The Edmonton Public Library to speak about our business and products. We were also asked to share some of our knowledge on African culture and art as well as present some fragrances from our collection. We had a lot of fun doing this presentation and learned a lot from it as well. Here’s what happened:

African Art and Culture

African art is a broad term that refers to the visual arts of Africa. African art is characterized by the use of bright colours, distinctive patterns and human figures.

The African art movement began in the mid-19th century and has grown since then. In this presentation we will be discussing African Art History as well as presenting some pieces from our collection!

Our Presentation at the Edmonton Public Library

We had a great time at the Edmonton Public Library! It was our first African presentation at this venue, and we were lucky to see that they have an African culture section in their collection. This means that they’re already interested in learning more about the continent’s diverse cultures and art forms (and are helping their patrons get access to them).

It was also great that we got to share our knowledge with such a receptive audience–people who want to learn more about Africa were there, along with those who already knew something but wanted clarification on some points. The librarians were helpful and friendly too!

African Beauty and Scents

African perfumes are made with the finest ingredients, including pure honey, vanilla and shea butter.

African perfumes are made with natural ingredients that are indigenous to Africa. For example, if you’re looking for an authentic African perfume then look no further than one made from African shea butter or cocoa beans.

African scents will be more expensive than Western fragrances because they use less artificial chemicals in their production process; however this makes them healthier for your skin as well as better for the environment!

The Edmonton Public Library was an awesome venue and the presentation went well.

The Edmonton Public Library was an awesome venue and the presentation went well. We had a good turnout, with many people showing up to learn about African culture, art and beauty. The feedback we received from attendees was very positive!

We hope to do more presentations like this in the future so stay tuned for updates on our next event!


We had a great time at the Edmonton Public Library! The staff were very friendly and helpful, the venue was beautiful and the presentation went well. We hope to have more opportunities like this in the future!

Jess Fisichella

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