How I asked 200 women to share their most valuable advice


Picture this: You’re standing at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump. And instead of looking down, you look ahead and see a group of women sitting on rocks and watching you. Each woman has a piece of paper in hand with a different question on it. You can ask one woman one question, then move on to another woman to ask her question and so on until you’ve asked all 200 women their questions. That’s exactly what I did! In this article we’ll dig into why I did it (spoiler alert: it was an amazing experience), how I did it (also spoiler alert: very simple) and what were some positive things that came out of doing this project (hint: lots!).

Why did I do this?

I wanted to know what the women I know and love think about life, travel and business. I wanted to hear their thoughts on things like career, relationships, money and happiness.

I also wanted to hear how they got where they are today – what advice did they get from others along the way? What did they do that made a big difference in their lives (and careers)? And finally, what advice would they share with other young women who are just starting out on their own or seeking new opportunities?

How did I do it?

I asked 200 women to share their most valuable advice on life, travel and business. I asked them to share their advice in the form of a tweet (140 characters or less). I also asked them to use the hashtag #advicefrom200women so that we could find each other and connect.

What were the answers like?

What were the answers like?

I was blown away by the quality and diversity of responses. There were over 200 women who participated in this project and they came from all walks of life: writers, photographers, entrepreneurs, moms, yogis and more. Each one had something unique to share with me about how they’ve been able to create a life they love (or are working towards). The answers ranged from funny anecdotes about their childhoods to deep reflections on what makes them happy today–and everything else in between!

What were the top 10 pieces of advice I heard and how I use them in life, travel and business?

Here are some of my favorites:

The top 10 pieces of advice I heard and how I use them in life, travel and business.

The top 10 pieces of advice I heard and how I use them in life, travel and business.

1: “Be kind to everyone.”

The best piece of advice (and why): This was the most common piece of advice from women around the world who shared their stories with me. It’s simple, but it makes sense–when we treat others with kindness, they’ll treat us kindly back! I try my best not to judge people or situations by looking at them through a negative lens because that can lead to unhappiness within yourself as well as others around you. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong with any given situation or person, focus instead on finding ways that each individual can add value into your life regardless if they’re someone who is close friend or just someone passing by on a busy street corner during rush hour traffic rush hour traffic rush hour traffic rush hour traffic rush hour traffic rush hour traffic rush hour traffic rush hour traffi

The best pieces of advice (and why)

The best pieces of advice are the ones that seem like they’re obvious. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, don’t sweat the small stuff–these are all things we’ve heard before and yet we still need reminding of their importance.

I was surprised by how many women mentioned the importance of being present and in tune with yourself (and others) at all times–in other words: not letting life pass you by without taking note of what is happening around you.

This is something I have struggled with for years; I’m naturally an anxious person who worries about everything from whether my friends will like my new haircut (they do) to whether or not my boss will fire me if she finds out I didn’t get her coffee order right this morning (she won’t). But after reading these responses from other women who have been there too and managed to overcome their fears or anxieties, it makes me feel better knowing that even though life may feel overwhelming sometimes, there’s always hope for improvement!

This is one journey you want to take!

This is one journey you want to take!

You will learn a lot about yourself, and even more about other people. Maybe you’ll be inspired by their stories and advice. Who knows? You might even get some good advice out of it!


So now you know what I did, how I did it and what I learned from this experience. What do you think? Are you ready to take the challenge? If so then go ahead and send me an email at [email protected] with your answers to these questions:

Jess Fisichella

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